Community Conversation: Holding Space for People of Color

Saturday, January 19
5:00-6:45 PM
Nederlander Room, 9th Floor

Kaisha S. Johnson

In an effort to help create agency among a constituency that has been historically underrepresented and marginalized, this session is specifically designed to hold space for and center the voices of people of color. Chamber Music America aims to become a more intentionally inclusive institution and to directly address race as a means to examine the organization’s processes, policies, and practices. In an open forum, attendees of this session will have an opportunity to occupy space in community with one another, lift up one another’s work, reflect on the conference experience, and unpack the experience of being a person of color in a historically and predominately white sector. While white allies are valued, it should be emphasized that this space is exclusively designated for self-identified people of color. Hosted and facilitated by Women of Color in the Arts (WOCA).